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We offer a wide variety of construction services in New Britain, CT and surrounding areas.  With our years of experience, you can count on our expertise to ensure your project is given the attention and quality you expect.  At Knaus Building Company, we are large enough to offer a variety of services needed for your construction project but small enough to provide you with personal attention and quality standards.

Contracting Methods - Which One Is Right For You?

Conventional Lump Sum

Lump sum competitive bidding is regarded by many as being the customary contracting method which yields the best competitive price for the job. In this method, the project owner or developer hire an architectural firm to design the project and administrate the construction. The architect must be accessible and available to the builders, preferably on the project site, to clarify the documents and advise on problems once discovered. The architect has prime responsibility of reporting budget and schedule information to the owner in a timely manner so that adequate funds are available to complete construction. The architect typically administers the changes to the project and must therefore have adequate skills to negotiate price and schedule effects. Many times an adversarial relationship can develop, since typically the architect and contractor position early for later claims. The responsibilities for issues are foremost in the discussions and often much time and energy is spent on building cases rather than resolving conflicts.  Click here to read more...


The design/build approach has been touted as the contracting method of choice for the future. eliminating construction disputes and hastening the design and construction process.  This approach gives broad responsibility to the single firm entertaining in the design/build contract with the owner so that liability associated with issues is absolute.  This method resurrects the principle of the "master builder".  As this method evolves, much of the uncertainty and confusion associated with this method will be lessened, however, the industry transformation from more traditional and departmentalized methods to that of single entity responsibility remains mixed.  Often, the design/build entities relay on that same traditional approaches as before, such as negotiated contracts with designers and subcontractors, or lump sum competitive bidding, behind and within the design/build entity.  In doing this, the design/builder relies on their industry expertise with the particular type of project, using the control of the design to influence final costs.  Click here to read more...

Negotiated General Contractor

On many large, complex construction projects, particularly in the private sector, an experienced and competent general contractor is hired on the basis of his knowledge, experience, resources, assigned personnel, and sometimes fee, to participate in the project during the design phase as well as during construction. Under this arrangement, many of the services provided by the general contractor are identical to those provided by construction managers (i.e., estimating, cost analysis, scheduling, value engineering, etc.) In fact, during the design phase, the only difference between the construction management approach and the negotiated general contractor approach may be the nomenclature.  During the construction phase however, the distinction is more clear, with the negotiated general contractor operating in a more conventional role, usually performing certain trade work with his own construction forces.  Here too, however, the contractor, architect, and owner function more as a collaborative team than under a more conventional competitively bid process where there may be more of a tendency for adversarial relationships to develop. Click here to read more...

Construction Management

Under a construction management approach to a major building project, professional expertise in the specialized areas of cost estimating, system analysis, value engineering, "constructability" review scheduling of activities, procurement, and construction coordination and supervision is added to the capabilities of the traditional project team of owner and architect.  
The involvement of a construction manager (CM) during the entire design process as a collaborative yet independent member of the design team helps ensure that every major design decision is balanced by proper analysis of its cost consequences, and impact on project schedule.  
The role of the construction manager in a building project may vary substantially, and can be performed under a variety of contractual terms.  The most traditional, and some would say "purest" form of construction management is that were the C.M. acts as the owner's agent as a consultant, providing estimating, cost control and scheduling services and undertaking administrative responsibilities during construction.  Under this arrangement, all construction contracts would be executed directly between the owner and contractors.  It can be argued that better control of the construction operations is achieved when the C.M. holds the contracts with the trade contractors and therefore has a greater degree of "clout".  This approach may permit the construction work to be broken down into a significantly larger number of trade contracts also, thereby eliminating the need for one or more "general" contractors.  (The elimination of the general contractor avoids a duplication of fees, markups and general condition costs otherwise produced).
A major benefit to the construction management approach is that, under the disciplined scheduling of the C.M.,  the project may be phased or "fast-tracked" whereby the design and construction periods are overlapped to permit an earlier start and completion of construction.  Furthermore, the owner may require the construction manger to provide a Guaranteed Maximum Cost (GMC) for construction prior to the start of any construction work, and thereby the owner receives a commitment on his maximum cost exposure at a much earlier date than under any conventional project delivery method.  Click here to read more...
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